Shut Down Town

As we have had to cancel and everyone is stuck at home, I thought it would be a good idea to see  if we can revive this dormant site. You should be able to register and chat easily enough and I will start new pages regularly, starting with one about the poem I sent out today: The Wild Geese by Violet Jacob.(c) Angus Council; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

17 thoughts on “Shut Down Town

  1. This is Spencer, I post as Tybo on other WordPress sites and can’t be bothered to log in and out to post as Spencer – so please remember that Tybo=me!


  2. OK, I got this post at the top of the blog with a bit of fiddling. I hope you will join me to discuss things. Although this is a forum for the C23 Writers you can discuss other things (after all, we rarely stick to the subject in the TC!) I will put up new posts as time goes on.


    • Hello Spencer, hello all, I’ve been muling over this Violet Jacob poem. It’s great !

      The theme is ight up my street, a declamatory thing in the first person, passionately speaking of homeland, of foreign places, ofhte pull of home, with a background theme of the wild wind wandering over the earth as the writer does.
      This is my sort of poetry. Passionate and telling a story with a wild and riveting style.

      I’ll think about the prompts above, because we are all stuck indoors these days here.


    • Urszula, agreed, the language is interestingly challenging.

      There ae some bits that I don’t understand, quite, such as “I rocked the rovin’ gulls”, but it’s in my character to blithely skim over bits I don’t quite follow, myself. The overall vocative form, the declamatry style to the wind is what sweeps me along without stopping on the details.

      I’m thinking about a short story. And thought about a poem and started something along the lines of being stuck inside, a cold and windy day, and trees waving outside while neighbours make noise clattering about :

      “The air is cold, this windy day,
      We’re stuck indoors, gazing out
      The doors and windows barred and bolted.
      Through thin plaster walls, on hard wooden floors
      The neighbours’ heels knock, tic toc
      Our confinement marked by this relentless clock
      “Why can’t they stop?”, we mutter.”


      • Thanks, James, that’s great. I am going to put it up on the “View from my window” thread as it is relevant and might get missed here.


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    • Hi Cathy, you had gone into the spam bin – now released so you should be able to post.

      However, I know from the other WordPress site that I moderate that the spam filter can be a bit jittery and sometimes randomly decides that legitimate comments are spam. So don’t worry if your comment does not appear, I will check the spam bin next time I log in. Also, you can try another one. Sometimes, on the other site, it vanishes one comment and then allows the next one from the same person through.


  3. Hi Urszula and welcome to the blog. You got put in spam too. I am guessing because it has been dormant for a long time it is confused by these new people! I will keep checking but apologies if there is a delay at first before comments appear.


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