11 thoughts on “Hope Springs Eternal

  1. Thank you Spencer, I learnt a lot from reading your blog this week, and it has put me in the mood to find out more about space (a topic I normally avoid as I find the enormity and vastness of solar systems and galaxies somewhat mind blowing!). I’m also intrigued by your reference ‘the Norfolk of the solar system’. and wondered what it means?

    I remain hopeful that I will find time to write/draw something in response to this week’s creative theme. Keep up the great work everybody, I love reading and seeing everyone else’s work.


  2. A new poem from Urszula:

    Now I am alone
    We were together
    On walks by the sea
    Going shopping
    Sitting side by side
    Or cuddled up watching tv

    Facing the virus on my own
    We would have been together
    Staying home and doing things
    Tending garden or designing stuff
    We would have been together going down
    The road for exercise and then
    Coming back

    We would self isolate together
    Listening to audio books
    Pedalling on the exercise bike and
    Playing songs on the mp3 player
    Keeping each other company

    I do miss the togetherness
    And I go down the road
    With neighbour and his dog and cat
    Two metres apart but
    With friendly chat


  3. And another from Urszula. Short but sweet!

    Today on day eighteen
    I drew back the kitchen curtain
    Looked over the moor and saw
    The first new born lamb
    Just about able to stand
    My spirits rose


  4. A poem from Cathy

    HOPE 24/7

    We whizz by
    In the taxi
    Just the driver
    And I.
    Separated by a sheet of clear plastic
    I dare not cough
    I do not want to.
    I see a blur of bright yellow
    To my left.
    Daffodils nodding their heads furiously
    In the Hebridean winds
    Quenched by the dreich rain.
    I hear them sing
    Of better days
    To come.
    We smile
    The taxi driver and I
    At each other.


  5. Dave has sent us this beautiful poem:


    At first, my feet heartbeat tarmacadam,
    Creating a metronome for my stroll.
    An overture of golden daffodils
    Fills locked down eyes with enhanced radiance.

    Passing through an untouchable gateway,
    Signature changes, time becomes gravelled.
    The Minch is a movement of sky spun blue,
    Evoking bars of spindrift piano.

    From a lichened branch the blackbird calls me,
    Drumbeat stops while he croons a melody:
    A song old as time, fresh as meadow dew.
    Was nature’s music ever more precious?

    Dave Alldred


  6. Mike has contributed a fine poem, taking a crow’s eye view of it alll

    Hoodie Crow’s Spring Song

    Caw-caw, what’s happened to the humans, We hardly see them anymore
    They stay indoors, inside their nests, even the small ones
    They let us be, to rule the air and the streets,in the town
    So quiet, the wild deer come in to town in daylight
    A human saw me yesterday, as I ate
    A small songbird’s brown speckled blue egg
    I looked in to it’s window covered grey eyes
    with my black eyes, strange creatures indeed
    What has happened to them
    Caw-caw caw!

    Michael Kenneth Dawson

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