11 thoughts on “Finding Beauty in Simplicity

  1. Two fine haikus by Urszula:

    Flocks of wading birds
    Out to sea and back they fly
    Flashes in the sky

    Clouds dark water grey
    Sand running into the sea
    Wind buffets my side.

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  2. Photos and haikus by Cathy

    Within open minds
    Beating Beltane hearts boogie
    May Day dreaming flies.

    With tiny hands stretched
    Reaching towards its journey
    Blossom blooms on branch.

    Child hearing birdsong
    Behind the peek a boo tree
    Finds joy is native.

    Robin hops fragile
    Moving dense branches to hide
    Flashing red it warns.

    Waiting in the woods
    Corrugated hut lies bare
    Left to rust it sighs.

    Cathy Macleod.

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    Mairi Cable

    Outside my window across the street are beautiful trees with pink blossom on them. They only just came into bloom in early April. The carer noticed them one day. Before that they had become bare. One tree isn’t quite in full bloom with shades of russet on it. But it is just a matter of time. They are not in bloom for an extra long time. They give you a lift every time you look out of the window and remind you of the beauty of nature. There is another one yet to bloom in shades of green. I think it is my favourite.

    I think my favourite mug is one I haven’t used yet. I got it for Christmas from Doreen’s’ mum. The pattern on it is leopard print. But my favourite mug to have tea out of is a Mother’s Day mug I gave to my mum. It is for number 1 mum and is a country companions’ mug with hedgehogs and flowers, daffodils on it. My mum liked hedgehogs and nursed one that was nesting in her garden. It left one day and when I was walking up Stewart Drive one day I saw one and wondered if that was it. My favourite mug for taking coffee in is one of my four Van Gogh mugs. They were given to me by my big brother for Christmas one year. They show scenes from his paintings. They are all kind of impressionistic.

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