10 thoughts on “The Books on my Shelf / The Pictures on my Wall

  1. From Rebecca

    A love of reading was a powerful gift, bestowed upon me by my librarian trained Mother, allowing me as it did to get truly ‘lost’ in a book whenever the need arose. I love reading but have to try and limit myself a bit as I’m not very good at putting a good book down once I start.

    Having learnt to read from an early age (about 4) I spent the first few years of school mainly frustrated waiting for everyone else to play catch up with their reading skills. Meanwhile at home reading my way voraciously through giant volumes with things with topics and subject matter that I was really way too young to grasp. I loved reading my Mum’s library books, including the occasional steamy romance.

    My brother, aged 15, had shingles and then passed on chicken pox to me, aged 7, and my sister, aged 13. I managed to get mumps at the same time too! My Mum just having started a job in the days before people gave any thought to working parents used to cycle home in her lunch break to check in on us and give us lunch. While we were all convalescing my brother read us The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings to help pass the time. I still can’t read or listen to the Hobbit or The Lord of the Rings without feeling itchy and remember the nylon nighties and sheets that were all the rage at the time. The picture attached is the copy of The Hobbit that my brother read to us from that is still on my bookshelf.

    I still love being ‘read to’ and it is a real treat for me to hear an author read from their own work. I usually go to Ullapool book festival at this time of year and enjoy being inspired by both familiar and new authors reading out their latest works.

    I used to love watching ‘Jackanory’ when I was wee and my favourite series of books to listen to growing up was the BBC radio version of Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

    Author: Rebecca Mahony


  2. My librarians in Barking were brilliant, Neil. They let me get books out of the adult library after I read all the sci fi ones in the children’s library!



    By Mairi Cable

    I have given away most of my books and the books that I have are in the cupboard in the living room. But I had a set of books in my father’s house on a shelf built into an alcove to make a small library for him. They were mostly hardbacks and were University books. There were history books, poetry, literature , Nazi Germany, and the complete works of William Shakespeare which my father bought for me when he was away on a course in Edinburgh.
    There was also a glass fronted bookshelf which held all my paperbacks. They would be University books as well. The main one I remember was War and Peace which I have read half of.


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