Dream of the Sun That’s Promised to Come


This might look like the moon but it is the sun, emerging during the 2015 eclipse



This week’s creative theme is Dream of the Sun that’s Promised to Come – which is the last line of Donna’s poem (which can be seen in full on the last thread).  We liked the line so much that we pinched it for a weekly theme.  I will post more later but as Cathy has already penned a response I thought I should open up the new thread!


24 thoughts on “Dream of the Sun That’s Promised to Come

  1. Sunshine and My Mental Health

    Cathy Macleod

    Sometimes i don’t want the sun to shine again! Sometimes i just want the cover of the grey skies to lie beneath.The rage of the gale to drown out the fears in my mind. I welcome the cold air as i wrap up in folds of garments that hide my awkwardly moving body.i feel safe buried in it all.
    But then i get a phone call from a long lost friend at 1 in the morning and he is telling me i am loved and important.
    Or my daughters send me videos of my sweet and funny grandchildren.
    i connect with the kindness of others and i wonder what i can do to be kind back.
    i donate to a food bank. I wash the dishes. I.cook a meal.I send my mom flowers.I spend 5 minutes on my guitar.
    i try to dress for the weather and get outside for 10, 15, 30, 45 minutes
    The sky is still grey but the rain has stopped. The gale has ceased howling and i realise i can’t stop the sun from shining and nor would i want to. i try to embrace the day and move forward. Ever hopeful. Trying to shine.

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  2. A travel tale :

    The ancient French car rattled along the road and night was falling. The three of us had travelled
    all day over hils and valleys. We stopped to pore over maps in little villages, in cafés with small
    cups of dark coffee. We got lost in towns. We corrected course and drifted on across the map, our
    homely destination, with food, and beds, and good company, inching closer bit by bit.

    The last rays of the departing sun faded, and as we rolled across hilly plains, a light or two
    flickered on in distant farms. The sky turned deeper blue, then black, and stars appeared, and the
    world became a tunnel coloured yellow by the headlights as we tavelled on.

    “We won’t make it to the farm tonight”, said my companion, “I’m falling asleep. We should lay up
    for the night”. “I’m starving!” said her brother in the back seat, “look! There’s a track, behind
    that hillock! We’ll be alright there!”

    We stopped. We took out groundsheets. Tea was made on the spirit stove, and bread and cheese
    munched. We talked until late of the work to be done, of how much we might earn, and where we’d
    move on to from there, following the herd of transient labour while it lasted. Under the starlit
    sky, we didn’t put up the tent. We laid ourselves down, and dreamed of the sun to come.

    (Not autobiographical, but not too far off).


  3. I hitched across Southern France a few times, James, and did some fruit and vegetable picking in Corsica before travelling (hitching, buses, ferries, trains) through Sardinia, France and Spain. I wrote something about Corsica, I will see if I can find it.



  4. Urszula has sent in this moving poem

    ‘Dream of the sun that promised to come’

    It has been a long dark year for me
    Occasional bits of brightness

    We have had days of warm sunshine
    But then days of strong wind and rain
    The wind nearly knocked me off my feet
    Holding on to the lampposts to have a rest
    Very hard work to walk uphill into the wind
    Easier walking downhill with the wind on our backs
    Some days it is dry calm and bright
    The other evening there was a fantastic sunset
    The whole sky scattered with cotton wool ball clouds
    Pink and purple and
    The bright red sky around the setting sun
    We all looked and watched the setting sun
    The next day it was grey and windy
    It was dark and difficult to walk
    No sun no blue sky
    The next again windy but blowing from the side the west.
    Today it is brighter but again very windy

    It has been a long dark year
    I wait for the sun to shine and be able to walk calmly again.

    Urszula Ghee

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  5. Great stuff from everyone this week. Here is Marie’s contribution

    By Marie Cable.

    We already have had a share of sunshine since April. So, on the basis of that I predict we will have a good summer in 2020. If we do it will be a slight relief from Covid 19. In the sunshine I don’t expose myself too much to the sun as I have fair skin and therefore don’t get a tan. The sun means we can go out for walks in the Castle Grounds without fear of rain. When lockdown is over, we can maybe have barbecues which is a pleasant thing to do on a sunny day. Sometimes it gets so hot you have to go inside to cool down. I have a garden space but no garden, but the flowers Angus gave me have made me realise how wonderful it must be to look out into your garden and see flowers in full bloom in the summer sunshine.

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