4 thoughts on “Summertime

  1. Summertime…( A little Poem to Remember)

    Summer of 2020 brought many of a change.
    Lockdown of that Year was Strange.
    Nature gave us Sun,Birds,Wildlife and Relief.
    Little did I know in God I would have Belief.

    We were blessed with the Weather.
    United the Island came Together.
    Good memories,Sad memories,Forever memories.
    But all together everlasting stories.

    We will all remember the Summer of Lockdown.
    It was a Time to appreciate nature with a smile not a Frown.
    For that Summer had Life at a Standstill.
    I will never forget how Life stood Still.

    Alister Macaulay. (Callanish)

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  2. Summertime by Urszula

    On this summer day in August
    It has been grey and raining all day
    Now in the evening bright clouds have appeared
    Split of blue in the sky
    Finally the sun is shining forth
    Across the green moor
    But not for long
    With wet coats and shoes we came home

    There was a bit of summer in May and June
    That is to say the sky was blue
    The sun shone hot
    Too hot too walk
    Straw hat on to stop the burn
    A few weeks of summer weather

    But then summer left us
    July has been mostly cold and wet
    However grass wild flowers and bushes
    Have been growing tall

    Now in August the angelica
    Forms a guard of honour down the road
    The heather blossom is purple
    Rosa rugosa bushes with
    Flowers red and mauve and white
    Clumps of white daisies
    Yellow buttercups
    Still some crimson clover
    Tall crocosmia red and orange starting to blossom
    Clusters of yellow flowers perhaps Bird’s foot trefoil
    Lots of yellow ragwort poisonous to sheep
    And cooperative too
    An abundance of colour we see

    The little birds hop around
    The ducks waddle in their groups
    Chickens peck and scrabble
    and the white geese pull and eat the grass
    And they all peck at the nourishing Rosa flowers
    Enjoying their freedom

    Today on the sixth of August
    Summertime has appeared again
    I have got my large pink straw hat on
    Nice sunny warm day and lots of blue sky

    On the next day summer has gone again
    Rainy and misty
    When the mist lifts an assortment of grey clouds keeps the sun at bay
    With high streaky clouds
    And in the evening the sun appears
    Summer has come back


    By Mairi Cable.

    In the summertime you go for a holiday. When we were growing up we only had one holiday as a family and that was to my Aunt Mary’s home in Elgin. It was very exciting to us as we had never been on the old Loch Seaforth before so that was an event in itself. She had a private house and a lovely garden which was posh for us as we lived in a council house. Out the back garden gate was a forest and we went to walks out there and collected strawberries and raspberries and also gooseberries which my aunty made jam out of. There was the town of Elgin which was beautiful and where we went shopping. One outing we had was to Lossiemouth which I think is an air force town. The other thing I remember that there was a lake with a lot of boats in it. I think my Uncle Tommy went swimming in the lake. We probably had ice cream and sweets and did all the things you do on a day out. Another memory I have of the holiday is playing Monopoly in the garage with my two male cousins who were older than me and far more intelligent than us. Before to long on the game they had hotels on their properties. When we played we got as far as the houses on the properties. As well as the excitement of the ferry was the excitement of the drive to and from Elgin to Kyle. Another thing we liked was the television at home we only got. BBC so we got Grampian and adverts


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