Work, Rest and Play


This week’s theme is “Work, Rest and Play.”  As ever we look forward to seeing what our writers make of it. You can tackle the whole theme or one or more of the elements. Or, as ever, you can send in something on an entirely different subject.

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2 thoughts on “Work, Rest and Play

  1. Hi ho, Hi ho it’s off to Covid work we go…

    I slip from sleepy pyjama clad being into ZOOM ready loungewear fabulous in record time

    From a cocooned and docile state of Facebook flickering, I bounce out of bed, shower, get dry get dressed, eat toast, make bed, turn on the computer, log-in and start my morning of meetings in a record breaking 24 minutes. I’m sat ready to go, supping on the sublime first coffee of the day, loving my moment of solitude.
    I’m at my bedroom based desk for five to nine. While waiting for other ZOOM attendee floating heads to join me at nine I casually peruse my in-box, 75 new emails and counting, I quickly scan in eagle eye mode for anything in need of immediate attention and start to make a mental mind map of all that needs done today.

    I miss the pre-covid morning commute, my daydreaming bus journey, the view of the sea en-route to Stornoway town, my morning amble round the not so wee Co-op. I miss seeing my fellow bus passengers, our lives intrinsically and intricately connected, while our names and back story remain a mystery. I love the social convention of the polite head nod and shy smile of acknowledgment as you recognise an unnamed bus comrade in another life context.
    I don’t miss the bleary eyed early morning starts on days when you feel like you have to forcibly have to prise your eyes open, or standing waiting for the bus on a dreich and dreary day, or days when the wind is so fierce you feel like you need lead in your boots, or worse still a midge infested morning.

    I learn to embrace the moment, take time to stop and stare, breathe in the air, observe the elements, head out when the weather is clement, down tools when the work is done. I have occasional momentary sensations of being stuck in some sort of strange (but not unpleasant) sense of purgatory but it soon passes as I get absorbed in the next task I need to do.

    Occasionally when a meeting gets unexpectedly cancelled I treat myself to ‘golden time’. A precious concept appropriated from my daughter’s primary school where if you get all your work done you get ‘golden time’ at the end of the day to do something special of your choosing. Sometimes I indulge in a walk, a spot of doodling, drawing, sometimes I read, sometimes I’ll write to a friend or relative, and occasionally I will treat myself to a sneaky snooze of an afternoon when I feel the need.

    Eat, sleep, rinse, repeat x 5, sometimes 6. The days seem to blur, time no longer feels linear, it condenses and contracts as it pleases. As time does its own squeezebox thang, things seem to lose their pre-covid sense of urgency and life becomes focused on solely the tasks that need done that day. I start to embrace and enjoy being beholden only to my own natural rhythm and internal body clock. I enjoy dispensing with the regulation and strict rigor of 9-5 living. I am an early bird by nature, a bit sloth like post lunch, and have another burst of energy in the late afternoon through until about dinner time, around 7pm for me, like one of the creatures who comes to life at twilight, perhaps a badger? Life seems to cease to have sharp edges and creases and my attire follows suit, ironing seems like such a pointless pursuit.

    And then, wahey it’s finally the weekend again. Time for me to go any play…
    For me the most precious gift is unscheduled time, without the need for clock watching, with no commitments and no appointments my time to do as I please. I love a Saturday night in, coming home on a Saturday tea time when all the messages & chores for that week are done. I love the sense of knowing that there is no need to move again (unless I want to) until Monday. I think it would take something pretty special for me to venture out on a Saturday night post covid. Sunday is my favourite day of rest & play. With time and space to ‘blob’, just be and have no particular pressures other than to think what to cook for tea. Another favourite Sunday treat is too curl up with a good book, listen to some music or the radio while I bake or make the tea. A bit of Paul O’Grady’s banter on radio 2 if I’m in the mood for comfort & nostalgia or radio 6 if I’m looking for some new musical inspiration.

    Covid work life working from home comes with more biscuits but less banter, I love both but need a balance.
    My bedroom once a place purely to retreat & sleep has become my hub for work & rest, so now I only need to venture beyond its boundaries for play. I enjoy it as we slowly but surely begin to emerge from covid lockdown hibernation & regain some pre-covid patterns of work, rest and play. It’s nice to get a bit of separation between work-life and home-life & I enjoy the journey home across the Braighe my natural delineator between work & home.

    Rebecca Mahoney

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  2. Work rest and play

    I class work as
    Household chores such as laundry
    Changing sheets not often
    Sweeping hard floors
    Vacuuming bedroom carpet rarely
    Making mostly ready meals
    Washing dishes but I do have a dishwasher
    Tidying up putting things away
    Reorganizing photos and files on my computer
    Assignments involving writing painting drawing
    Feeding the ducks and the geese and chickens that visit

    I class play as
    Watching television but I don’t do much of that
    The Italian Montalbano series relaxes me most
    Reading the subtitles I am learning Italian
    Drawing painting writing
    Going for walks with my next door neighbour and his dog
    And with friends
    Going to restaurants and exhibitions
    When the pandemic eases
    Looking through photographs
    Going on the beach and watching waves
    Chatting with friends on the phone
    Or keeping in touch on Whatsapp or Messenger
    Tai Chi is a cross between work and play

    I class resting as
    Mainly going to bed sleeping
    I cannot get to bed early
    I seem to have a resistance
    I like getting into bed listening to my audio book
    Agatha Raisin always gets me to sleep
    Resting in bed in the morning
    Dozing or thinking until the last minute
    Looking at the sky and all those clouds
    Listening to the stone chat and other birds
    Looking at all the different wild flowers

    ‘Rest and Be Thankful’


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