3 thoughts on “Where in the World?

    By Mairi Cable

    After coming back from a short holiday with Sarah I would say that where in the world I would like to be is back in Perth with Sarah. It was a lovely holiday. The journey on the ferry and the buses was perfect. Although I took a travel sickness tablet as a precaution. I had no sickness at all it was so calm. I had an hour to wait in Inverness for the bus to Perth and ate my lunch which was a meal deal from the Co-op. We had to change buses at Broxden Park and Ride, and it was about 3.30p.m when I arrived at St. Leonards bus station Perth. Sarah had instructed me to go the train station which was not too far away, where there was a Costa Coffee shop where I could wait and get a cup of coffee as I had a couple of hours to wait until Sarah finished work. While I was waiting, I saw this girl who I thought was Sarah and started waving furiously at her with no response back. Needless to say it wasn’t Sarah! The Costa Coffee was closed but there was a Station Hotel which Sarah had told me about and I went there for a cup of coffee. I handed over a £10 note the coffee was £2 and he asked ked if I had the £2 I said no so he gave me the coffee for free. I stayed there a while and talked to this other girl who was traveling to Stirling. Then went back t the Costa to wait for Sarah. She eventually came about 10 to 6 with her bike and we went to her house that wasn’t too far away. It was a lovely flat very modern though it was an old property, a must have, in a used to be fashionable area.

    The holiday was not a luxury one, it was spending time together listening to the radio, to music live at the weekends where it played a lot of soul and Tom Lamont which I like. We also listened to Magic Radio, she has a digital radio which I don’t have. We went to my sisters on Sunday for Sunday dinner- roast beef and Yorkshire pud. So we had two bus trips to Edinburgh there and back and a Taxi.

    On Monday we went to BrewDog Brew Bar which sold Craft Beer. We had 2 Pizzas an Halloumi one and a mushroom one so which we had a half each. I had a ½ pint of Pale Ale and Sarah had a pint of Craft Beer. Afterwards we went a walk to the Gardens and we had to cross a high narrow bridge which was a bit testy when a train passed on the other side of the fence. I was whacked by the time I got down the steps. The next night we went out to dinner. Sarah had a pastry parcel with beef in it for a starter and I had Cream of Courgette and Coriander soup. I had Spicy Pork Loin Chops with veg and potatoes and Sarah had Hake with Herb Crust and veg for mains, for pudding we both had Chocolate Fondant with Toffee centre with Ice cream and Berries.

    I enjoyed the company of Sarah.


  2. Where in the World?

    I am not sure
    I have always liked snow, the total white cover
    Also I like mountains
    Definitely sea lapping waves
    Or waves crashing on rocks
    Spraying high into the sky
    Walking on the sand along the beach
    With a companion
    With a gentle warm breeze
    Or on a cool day
    Watching the sunset against the clouds

    Walking onto a verandah overlooking the beach
    Watching the waves lapping in the moonlight
    As in the Montelbano series set in Sicily

    But then I like to be here in my Western Isles house
    Looking across the Minch at the mainland mountains
    And the many cloud formations and sunsets

    So where would I like to be?
    Perhaps I need an artificial intelligence device
    Where I could program a changing scene
    But that would not be real life

    I could go on holiday occasionally
    Pick out a few favourite places
    Move around depending on the weather
    Sicily and Greece in the spring
    Western Isles in the summer



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