On the Horizon

This week’s them is On the Horizon. I have gone literal but you don’t have to – you can write about changes on the horizon, new horizons, or even the BBC Science documentary strand, Horizon if you prefer.

4 thoughts on “On the Horizon

  1. On the Horizon

    Looking east I have a good view of the horizon
    Sometimes it is clear and I can see passing ships
    Sometimes I can see the mountains on the Scottish mainland
    They are particularly pretty when they have snow on their tops
    And waves on the sea big ones little ones
    It is a constantly a changing view on the horizon
    Sometimes it is just a grey

    My life’s horizon is at most a quarter left
    At the moment it is quite flat
    Especially now during the Covid pandemic
    My life’s horizon is just grey
    My activities are repetitive
    Like Groundhog Day
    The daily walks in a nice part of the world
    Here in the Western Isles
    The walks down towards the sea are
    The weather can be challenging

    Sometimes a change of walk
    A drive to the nearest beach
    It is close to the cemetery and
    A sit down on the granite bench headstone
    It is a double grave ready for me when it is my time
    He has gone before me and
    Lies snugly in his wooden coffin
    Below the surface of sand and grass

    So my life’s horizon is fairly flat
    Hopefully in the future
    The mountains of my life will appear
    Trips by sea or plane to far distant places
    To visit friends and family
    To add variety to the horizon
    Peaks covered in snow

    I look forward to making friends
    New companions on my life’s journey
    Travelling onwards
    My horizon becoming clearer
    Ships appearing now and then
    Going on their own journeys
    My soul progressing on its path



    By Mairi Cable.

    On the horizon I have Eilidh my niece’s wedding. She is Calum and Doreen’s daughter. She got engaged on her 22nd Birthday in April. Calum and Doreen have been married for 25years in July. Unfortunately, I don’t know any of the wedding plans So this is a short one. I should mention she is marrying Andrew from UIg.


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