This week’s theme is “Rain” something we know all about in the Outer Hebrides. I have put a poem up that I wrote myself but there are two by the classical Chinese poet Du Fu too. This might seem a bit presumptuous but my excuse is that mine is about Hebridian rain whilst however much better his poems are, they are about Chinese rain!

See if you can spot the mysterious flying object on the page with my poem

5 thoughts on “Rain

  1. Rain

    This morning I could hear the rain
    It is now September but it feels wintry
    Chilly and windy but some sun appears in the afternoon
    Lovely evening sunsets but
    Then the rain comes
    Just a drizzly shower at first as
    I get home from my walk but
    Then it gets heavier and soon lashes against
    The large porch windows washing off
    The small bits of grass left by the grass cutters
    The weather is changeable here

    The chickens do not like rain and hide under bushes
    The ducks seem to love the rain
    They paddle in the puddles and drink the water

    I like that the rain fills all the bowls with drinking water
    For all the chickens and ducks and geese
    Who then wash themselves in it so
    Soon the nice clean water becomes muddy

    Often we go out for our walk and
    We miss the rain
    I wonder if we will miss it today
    It is grey and raining quite heavily
    The grey sky is looking a bit brighter
    Hope it stops raining for an hour about four o’clock



  2. RAIN
    By Mairi Cable

    In 2010, ten years ago, Sarah and I went to Italy. We went to Florence, or Firenze as it is known locally. It was a city break o five days including traveling, with Page & May. We had a travel courier, a lady called Sara. We had a lovely double room. For breakfast we had cooked, and snack breakfast combined. There was bacon and eggs and brioche buns, ham and cheese snacks, coffee and tea. Most of the days were spent touring the city centre. One day we had an official visit to the Uffizi Gallery which was uplifting seeing all these famous paintings. We spent all morning and early afternoon there. Then we had lunch and coffee on a rooftop balcony. We had a meal in the evening. Another day we spent scouring the jewellery quarter which was across the Ponte Vecchio bridge over the river Arno. The jewellery in the shops was beautiful but as I was on a limited spending money I couldn’t afford any but it didn’t take away the pleasure of seeing it.

    Another night we had a meal a Tuscan feast with the other members of the group of travellers. We had a lovely time. On Sunday we went out exploring and had a British kind of lunch, Sarah had beef and I had Chicken. We asked for roast vegetables but got pickled vegetables instead. We didn’t complain. It was on the way home we got caught in the rain. It came down in sheets and there was a young man selling umbrellas. I bought one and Sarah already had one.
    Another thing we did earlier in the weekend was to go to another famous gallery that housed the Statue of David. It was a vey impressive gallery too with statues to make you think. We visited all the churches and cathedrals that were open. In one of them Sarah walked up hundreds of steps to a tower. Meanwhile I spoke to a tourist from Canada who was over with her son. The last time she was over she was expecting him. He was all grown up.

    On the first night we were there we had an antipasta meal which consisted of bread, ham and cheese where they were playing really good Jazz music. That was about six o’clock to keep us going until we ate later. I think we had Pizza on the first night, but Sarah was sure to say that we weren’t going to eat Pizza all the time. Coffee cost about four Euros but one time when we were returning to the hotel, we walked down an alleyway and came across this bar, coffeeshop and their coffee was only one Euro. It was a student coffeeshop and the coffee was good. It was surrounded by a library of books and played good music. We had another meal somewhere I had the house sausage. It was a very successful holiday and apart from the outburst of rain of Sunday we had excellent weather, warm enough for us to leave our jackets off in November.


  3. Not Sylvia Part 2.

    The rain has fallen well on us.
    Under the pounding river current
    I lie
    Hair flowing round my face.
    My mouth open
    Shouts silently.
    No one can hear me
    Under this
    I am not drowning
    I am trapped though.
    Feeling the pressure of the water all around me.
    My body heavy
    Yet floating.
    Hoping to reach the surface soon.

    Cathy Macleod.


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