This week’s creative theme is wind, a phenomenon that will be familiar to everyone in the Western Isles. Poets in particular seem to love writing about wind: wind as a destructive force, wind as a delightful thing, stirring the leaves in the trees, and even the wind as a metaphor for the poet’s words stirring the people to revolution and reform…

But they seem to have neglected its most miraculous quality:

it keeps the midges away!

Looking forward to seeing your thoughts on wind

2 thoughts on “Wind

  1. Wind

    On Tuesday I could hear the wind whistling and
    The rain thrashing in the morning
    I looked out of the window and
    Saw the tall bamboo trees leaning over towards the north
    I did the necessaries put on the heating and
    As it was cold and I did not have any meetings
    I got back into bed and got warm
    Listened to the end of an audio book

    Next day the wind had calmed down
    It was gentle and from the south I saw the rain and clouds
    Being blown away from us towards the north
    It was a sunny day and we had a pleasant walk

    Sometimes here in the Western Isles the wind is very severe
    Years ago we tried to go for a walk and held onto a lamppost
    Before lunging forth to the next
    But this was quite dangerous as
    Flying tiles can hit you like daggers
    You can see them embedded in the shed

    We also appreciate some wind
    It keeps the pesky midges away
    In summer I do not go outside on calm days
    Without some kind of netting protection
    As I am allergic to their bites
    The wind is my friend

    The north wind blows cold from Iceland
    The south wind blows warm from the Caribbean
    The west wind blows from the Atlantic
    The east wind blows cold from Siberia

    Today a north wind was blowing cold
    From Iceland probably but not too strong
    The bamboo bushes were bending over towards the south
    The sun was shining so it was quite warm
    And we wore warm clothes
    The wind was not too severe
    So all in all we had a pleasant walk

    The ducks stay out in the strongest wind
    They point their beaks into the wind
    And walk sideways

    We see the tall wind turbine
    The large vanes rotating
    Gathering the wind energy
    For distributing to the national grid

    It has been an ill wind
    Bringing disease this year
    And we all hope it will pass soon and
    Life will get back to normal once again


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