These Boots Are Made For Walking…

This week’s theme is: ‘These Boots Are Made For Walking’ so what have writers made of boots? Erm, well, not much that I can find but, never mind, there is always walking…

3 thoughts on “These Boots Are Made For Walking…

  1. These Boots are Made for Walking

    One of my earliest memories was
    Going to a shoe shop with my parents
    To buy some shoes for me
    I think I was about five years old and
    Learning English language and customs

    My father had been in the army for over ten years
    And endured the hardships of war and being a prisoner of war
    We were stateless refugees
    Not for me did he choose the dainty girly shoes

    Instead he bought me some sturdy hardwearing boys’ boots
    Boys’ boots laced to the ankle
    He would be able to mend them as the soles and heels wore out
    Times were hard and money in short supply
    But I wanted to fit in at school
    No other girl wore boys’ boots!
    I was very upset in the shop but had to go along with his decision
    I think I did get used to wearing them

    Later on in secondary school we had to wear a strict uniform
    I had to go to the expensive shop in town
    We had to wear Clark’s brown laced shoes and for indoors
    Black shoes fastened with a strap and
    A black cotton shoe bag to keep them in

    When I was sixteen my mother bought me some
    Red ladies shoes with a small heel
    For going to church or other events

    At university it was the time of Mary Quant
    I bought myself some knee high white leather boots
    They were flat and practical with a hint of fashion
    A time of freedom to wear whatever I liked on my grant

    When we started going camping
    Wellies became necessary
    Easy to put on and keep feet dry when
    Coming out first thing and the grass was wet with dew
    Useful when it was actually raining
    Little red wellies for our little daughter
    Useful for pottering round when
    Laying a concrete floor in the garage
    Medium green ones for me too
    Then very big black ones for her dad
    Going fishing and walking in the rain



  2. These Boots are Made for Walking combined with Season of Mellow Fruitfulness
    By Mairi Cable

    A couple of weeks ago I went out with Fi to the castle grounds by the Glen river. Unfortunately, I had sandals on and not boots and we walked along the path strewn with leaves that was not always smooth. We picked brambles which I ate, they were ripe and very sweet and tasty. We also collected conkers in their shells and uncovered the conkers inside, sometimes two in a pack, others wee baby ones. The Horse chestnut trees were very beautiful. The sun was shining through the leaves of the trees giving a soft dappled effect. I had to hold onto Fi for part of the walk. Fi was extra enthusiastic about this part of the walk in the Castle grounds. The next day I changed sandals for boots and went to the film Rebecca had organised for us through Catch 23. The next day I went to the Bridge centre and went to the surgery where I had blood taken and afterwards Angus and I had coffee and cake. The trees outside where once in blossom during lockdown are now in leaf of golden auburn.


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