Little Green

This week’s theme is “Little Green” inspired by the Joni Mitchell song from her 1971 album, Blue.

The emergence of green shoots, foreshadowing spring, is what prompted Hilary to suggest it. Spring is still a way away as is recovery from the pandemic and its associated woes – but I think we can all take heart from daffodil shoots pushing their way up through the cold earth.

Nature can sense spring coming, even if it still feels like midwinter to us. Sparrows are getting ready to breed. Gorse flowers are already starting to come out but closer examination of the bushes shows huge numbers of flower buds primed to provide a sunburst of yellow in a few weeks’ time.

Little Green is a sad and poignant song about Mitchell giving up her daughter for adoption when she was an impoverished folk singer in Canada. But it does contain glimmers of hope, most literally relevant in this context when Mitchell imagines her daughter having a better future:
“There’ll be crocuses to bring to school tomorrow” And, most of all, in the repeated line: “Like the color when the spring is born”

Prompts: You could write about the early signs of spring, or your favourite shades of green and what they mean to you. Or, alternatively write about whatever gives you hope in challenging times.

7 thoughts on “Little Green

  1. Little Green

    It won’t let go
    This little green.
    It’s roots, deep inside our earth.
    Holding itself
    Strong enough to push through.
    To the warming light.
    It unfurls it’s beak like bloom.
    Searching for you
    Looking for air.
    Growing further and further.
    This little green
    Holds It’s nerve to persevere
    To wriggle and writhe
    Not saying where it came from
    Forever showing us
    Where we are going.

    Cathy Macleod.

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  2. Lichen Life
    In the bleakest and driechest of weather I try to wrap up against the icy cold wind and rain
    I struggle to motivate myself to move and my feet trudge the well-trodden peat track
    My gait has no bounce or gaiety today
    Today is a covid-slow one

    I seek solace and shelter against the rudeness of the weather affronting my face
    I find a peat bank to provide some protection and nestle in against the wind
    Perched atop of a clump of heather
    I enjoy the stillness of time

    I sit and sup from my lovely cup of tea of requirement
    Kept warm in my best pound shop purchase
    I relish the sight of tiny bright flecks of green
    Lovely lichen nestled against the dark backdrop of the peat bank

    Rebecca Mahony

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  3. Green shoots

    We visited the cemetery before Christmas
    To check whether any bulbs had started sprouting
    Only small indications of bulbs planted
    But no shoots to speak of
    Snowdrops and crocuses and daffodils
    Will appear in the early spring
    But for now it is hope and wishful thinking

    Everyday when I get up and
    Come to the kitchen to make a drink
    I draw back the curtains to look at the day
    Is it sunny or raining or just a grey sky
    I put the kettle on and look at the garden
    And watch the chickens and the ducks peck
    Then I notice the daffodil shoots
    Quite tall and it only just January
    They stand tall to attention despite wind and rain

    They have been the first shoots to appear
    They will be the first bulbs to flower
    In all the drab wet grey
    They will bring brightness to this year
    But not yet
    They compete will the general folliage
    But give us hope of new growth
    Times to come
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