4 thoughts on “Connections

  1. Reaching For The Future

    On the edge of sleep
    Same old song
    Not heard for a while
    Connects me through the ages.
    Memories flit and furl
    Of places and faces that were present then
    As the notes arise now
    Soothing the worries of the day gone by.
    Allowing second chances
    Reaching out beyond these four walls
    Touching the hearts of the people I need
    More now than ever.
    No body to hold
    No hand to touch.
    Yet this song can enter my mind
    Carry it through the ether
    Bring loved ones to me
    Until the very last note.
    I settle in and listen
    Inwardly mouthing words that will last long after all this has passed.

    Cathy Macleod.


  2. Connections

    Connections happen every day
    It starts from birth to your mother,
    Your granny and grandpa will be ones too
    And then you get married and get a husband,
    Who will be your connection for most of your life,
    Children come along and more connections are made
    Between families and in laws that get in the way.

    You go to Loch Roag to pick lots of mussels
    My connection is craving them, so we head off in the car
    Hoping the drive is not that far
    But as you see the scenery all is forgiven
    And you remember why you came back
    The connections were calling me once again
    I even tried counting to ten.

    I know my children will be feeling like me
    As they have island connections you see
    And we need to feel as if we are always free
    Even if my connections are pulling at me
    Its January again and 2021
    Covid is here and to stay for a while
    So lets all try to paint on a smile
    We all should be lucky as we have our lives
    While others lost all their connections
    So I try to waken and be happy to be hear
    Even with a few tears, I will dream until I see my connections again
    As I miss my writing group
    But Hilary and Spencer keep me in touch
    With all of my connections I am missing so much.

    By Donna Keenan


  3. Connections

    During the lockdowns I have been making connections
    Keeping connected with family and friends by
    Phone Messenger and WhatsApp
    Forming new connections by Zoom with
    A Folk club in Nottingham
    Several Bahai’i devotionals and study groups
    People from all over the world
    Alaska Vermont New Zealand
    Norway Orkney Lewis Israel Poland
    Various parts of Scotland and Britain

    A Singing group and Hope and Recovery discussions
    Sharing our writing and art via email
    Just as if they were in my kitchen
    It feels like we are meeting in real life
    So we are not feeling so isolated
    These are very useful connections
    Particularly as I live by myself far away for family and friends
    I go out for walks everyday with my next door neighbour
    Useful connections at this difficult time



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