Wildflowers Don’t Care Where They Grow

This week’s theme was suggested by Ivor and was inspired by the song by Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt and Emmylou Harris from their album, Trio. 

Written by Parton, she sings of being restless and feeling confined, using the metaphor of wild flowers which can thrive anywhere, so she has no reason to be afraid of branching out and exploring.

It is a classic Dolly Parton song, telling a story with an autobiographical flavour, with a straightforward metaphor, in language that in less deft hands might feel corny.   Dolly, with her trademark sincerity,  simplicity and deceptive skill makes it a delight.

I won’t put up the lyrics due to copyright but you can read them here: https://www.metrolyrics.com/wildflowers-lyrics-dolly-parton.html

Better yet, listen to the Trio perform it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nC1HI84Enwk

Prompt:  As usual there is scope for both literal and metaphorical  flowerings this week. Like Dolly you could write about feeling restless and confined as so many islanders (and others) do, especially as teenagers and young adults. So you could write about that feeling, or the experience of spreading your wings and going out to explore the world.

Then there is the literal –  wildflowers are all around us. Only a few are in flower now but the gorse is beginning to bloom and looks like it is getting ready for a spectacular display in a few weeks, and from now on there will be more and more until the truly matchless spectacle of the machair in full bloom. Last year the verges round town, left uncut because of lockdown produced more wild flowers than I have ever seen there before.

 But I think that sometimes the most beautiful wild flowers are not the great spectacles but the tiny flowers growing in a crack in the wall or pavement – the wildflowers that don’t care where they grow.


3 thoughts on “Wildflowers Don’t Care Where They Grow


    Walking down the road on this day in March
    Against the wind and rain even snow
    No wildflowers out now to see
    Downtrodden grass barely green

    We have to walk in coats and hats and scarves
    Holding them tight to protect ourselves
    We walk with heads bowed down
    Hardly seeing sun or sky

    But then we see some gorse coming into bloom
    Its yellow flowers opening against the thorns
    We spot a primrose and another in the ditch
    Sheltered from the wild weather
    But that is all until the early summer months
    When we will see hundreds of wild flowers
    The yellow pink and blue colours again

    We walk to exercise and
    Breathe in fresh air during lockdown
    Then back indoors and
    And on my own again


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  2. Wildflowers

    Its March again and spring is here
    Its time for lovely walks
    The buds are shooting through the ground
    All at different stages
    Some might still take ages.

    The grounds are buzzing and the sun is out
    Its still cold so don’t be fooled so wrap up warm
    Hat scarf and dloves will still be needed for many days to come.
    The colours of the wild flowers which are starting to bloom are stunning to see
    Yet wild and free for all to see .

    Creams and lilacs , lemons and whites they really are so fresh and bright,
    To walk amongst them would be cruel
    As they need space to grow
    So I will just look from afar
    And leave them be for all to see where they can grow wild and free

    By Donna Keenan


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