6 thoughts on “If Stones Could Talk What Stories Would They Tell?

  1. We walk towards St Columba’s Church
    Along the great expanse of sand
    And rest upon the solitary rock
    Beneath the roofless walls
    Grass growing along their tops
    Water lapping gently on the shore
    Then we walk up to the ruin church
    And learn that it is called
    Eaglais na h-Aoidhe – The Eye Church
    Built in late fourteenth century time

    And Catan in his cell lived here
    In sixth century time
    And also sat looking at the sea
    Praying, fasting I surmise
    We go back to shelter warm
    And take something from this place
    And know that we will come again,
    Walk in meditation once more.

    And many standing stones are found
    On this island and



  2. If Stones could talk

    The sun is low in the sky today
    It’s a cold crisp say.
    These stones have stood there
    There is a presence about them,
    I had been taken to see them on school trips
    Now its my turn to take the children to see them
    To see what stories, they could tell.

    For thousands of years,
    they stand where they were placed
    What they mean, only the folk that placed them knew
    But we can only guess
    Was it a ritual carried out each year?
    Or was it a sacrifice
    All the blood , sweat and curses and tears
    That they have seen throughout the years

    So, year after year
    They gather their knowledge they keep it to themselves despite everyone’s fears. The Tourists come
    to see them and locals still come too
    We are very proud of our Callanish standing stones
    And their stories will stay untold.

    Donna Keenan


  3. Thanks, Donna. I really liked the image of seeing them on school trips and then taking your own children to see them, it makes you think of generation after generation visiting them


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