Oefs-fixed Adolphe Millot

I will be honest, this poem by Hayden Carruth is only peripherally about eggs, and not at all about Easter, it’s about the feeling of being in a band, the morning after having played a blinding set and being to buzzed to sleep. It’s not an experience I have ever had but I think the poem describes it brilliantly

Scrambled Eggs and Whiskey

by Hayden Carruth

Scrambled eggs and whiskey
in the false-dawn light. Chicago,
a sweet town, bleak, God knows,
but sweet. Sometimes. And
weren’t we fine tonight?
When Hank set up that limping
treble roll behind me
my horn just growled and I
thought my heart would burst.
And Brad M. pressing with the
soft stick, and Joe-Anne
singing low. Here we are now
in the White Tower, leaning
on one another, too tired
to go home. But don’t say a word,
don’t tell a soul, they wouldn’t
understand, they couldn’t, never
in a million years, how fine,
how magnificent we were
in that old club tonight.

3 thoughts on “Eggs

  1. Eggs

    Yesterday I looked out of the kitchen window and
    Saw an egg on the grass
    Perhaps it is only a shell I thought but
    Then a seagull swooped and
    Flew away egg in beak

    The hens hide their eggs all round the garden
    We find piles of eggs under bushes
    The hens sit on their eggs to keep them warm
    So soon we see a line of little chicks walking with a mother hen
    Unfortunately if this happens too early in the year
    The little chicks do not survive

    It is a Polish tradition to decorate hard boiled eggs at Easter time
    Sometimes they just dye the eggs
    But also they scratch exotic patterns over them
    On Easter Saturday they bring baskets of
    Eggs butter cold sausage and bread
    To the church hall and the priest blesses them

    The baskets are taken home and on Easter Sunday
    Placed on the family table for late breakfast
    More cold food is added and then
    Some of the blessed eggs are sliced and
    Exchanged with the family and friends
    Whilst wishing each other a tasty egg and
    Health and peace in the coming year



  2. Hi thank you for sharing this fascinating insight into Polish Easter traditions with us all Urszula. If anyone is interested in finding out a bit more about Easter traditions from around the world that have been carried on by people of particular cultures and heritage living in the UK (including the Polish traditions described by Urszula) I would highly recommend watching Mary Berry’s 2 part programme titled ‘Mary Berry’s Easter Feast’. Some fascinating stories people’s families and the journeys that brought them to live in the UK along with some amazing recipes! Here is the link to the programme on BBC I-Player;


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