3 thoughts on “Rivers

  1. Rivers

    River memories punctuate my life
    In my younger days across green fields
    We picknicked by the river Mersey
    In Manchester’s Chorlton-cum-Hardy

    Then later in my student days
    We walked by the calm river Avon
    As a group we enjoyed trips
    In a long rowing boating not a punt
    The tree branches dipping in the water
    The sun reflecting off the surface
    Pleasant Sundays on the Avon in Bath

    Then I remember the river Stour
    Visiting family walking and
    Sometimes learning to fish
    My husband’s favourite pastime
    Walking by the nearby Stratford upon Avon
    Happy memories

    After getting married and moving to Nottingham
    We encountered the large river Trent
    And it was along the Trent
    We celebrated Bill’s life
    A memorial do on a barge
    Telling stories and remembering
    A larger than life figure
    A trip full of laughter
    We remembered him
    While enjoying the view of water and trees
    Again happy memories

    Now here as I am writing in Stornoway
    Going out during the break
    Walking by the Bayhead river
    Very dry due to lack of rain
    Sometimes a row of ducks swim along
    But today a row of ducklings
    Walking along behind the mother
    In a strip of mud in the middle of the river
    Another happy memory



  2. Black River

    The rivers of the world are mighty splendid.
    But I have not been there.
    The Nile, the Amazon.

    I have got a name,
    Black River,
    And I gave it to myself.

    Scaladale River you can sit right in it.
    You can sit in a waterfall.
    Be part of it.

    “Life is a river;
    Anxiety is futile.”
    The depressed man wrote that down.

    And Black River means a long line of misery.
    And Black River means to get down low and flow.
    And Black River just means the river is black.

    Linda Henniker


  3. Rivers

    A river can flow really fast,
    and hides its vastness in,
    with salmon and trout present there,
    you really would not know it,

    The river Creed.
    is the river i walk around,
    it comes in from the sea,
    the dark water , wih pure white foam
    all around the pools,
    the water flows so very fast,
    to let the salmon jump to reach the dark pools,
    and lay their eggs is their mission.

    the river is there ,
    day after day,
    the birds can take a bath,
    theres large fish and tiddlers,
    its not a sight you want to miss,

    its 5 miles in total,
    the walk around the river creed,
    go the low road,
    and pass the castle,
    then cuddy point and sober island,
    and then lastly comes the river.

    and then its time to go back home,
    so you start to walk the high road,
    its more uphill and quite a climb,
    but the scenery is fine .

    so home to the glen and cross the bridge,
    and go out through the gate ,
    you have completed the walk,
    and it will live with you in your dreams,
    until the day you die.

    by Donna Keenan


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