2 thoughts on “Festivals

  1. Festivals

    The site could be a field, any field,
    And not too far from town,
    The tents are set up,
    to be prepared ,
    for the crowds that will gather,
    All at one time.

    The Bands are setting up their gear,
    making sure that all can hear,
    One Two, One Two,
    The sound check is done,
    Nows the time to start the fun.

    The people pile in, Hippies galore,
    The mud gets churned up beneath your feet,
    but you dont want a seat,
    Age does not matter , its
    how you feel,
    The smell of hash it makes you sick,
    unless your smoking it as that was the trick.

    Tents are set up to stay for days,
    and all the children can then play,
    girls on shoulders,
    Swaying to ther music,
    T Shirts bought to remember the Festival,
    Never mind it will soon be the next one.

    By Donna Keenan


  2. Midsummer

    June, july, or August,
    are the midsummer months,
    the Bees are buzzing and making pollen,
    the flowers are blooming,
    the colours are bright,
    and the warmth of the sun,
    is just about right.

    Sun hats are on wide at the brim,
    its the time when you wish you were very thin,
    the festivals are busy,
    the bands are playing ,
    theres that old song you know,
    that makes you dance.

    fairies are present,
    you’re sure they exist.
    it’s a mystical time
    for all that go
    so make the most of it
    and be sure to go.

    Donna Keenan


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