4 thoughts on “Freedom

  1. School Summer Holidays

    Blissful freedom of
    Lazy days spent
    Lying on the grass
    Cloud gazing, daisy
    Chain Making

    Responsibility free
    beyond getting home
    in time for tea
    (or woe betide you)
    and agonising on the
    confectionary purchases
    of pooled
    together pennies.


    Freedom to follow you heart, your dreams,
    Freedom to roam (or stay at home).
    Freedom to dance to your own rhythm
    Freedom to discover what sets your world alight
    Freedom to find your place, to make your mark and
    Find peace in this criss-cross confusing crazy world of ours
    Freedom to fall, to fail and strength to spin the wheel again and win
    I wish all of this for you and more

    Rebecca Mahoney


  2. Freedom

    We value freedom most when we lose it
    Seeing an eagle soar high up in the sky that’s freedom

    The story of Abdu’l -Baha
    The son of the founder of the Bahai faith
    Is an example of freedom lost
    He and his family were locked up in a ghastly prison
    With virtually no facilities and no light by Persian authorities
    For over 58 years
    The prisoners’ motto was to find something to laugh about every day
    After his release he went travelling over the western world
    Spreading the principles of the Bahai faith
    – Peace and the unity of humanity

    Man’s inhumanity to man still surprises me

    My own parents lost their freedom

    My father was taken
    By the Russians as a prisoner of war
    These soldiers were marched for thousands of miles
    Across Poland and Siberia
    With little food in subzero temperatures
    Kept in barns overnight

    My mother and her family were
    Deported at 40 degrees below from their house
    One February morning by soldiers holding rifles
    They were allowed to take few possessions and
    A large eiderdown to cover themselves
    In sledges taking them down to the railway station
    Where they were packed into cattle trucks
    On a three week journey to Siberia

    They had to work hard in the forests
    Capturing the sap from the trees
    Only those who could work were given 200g of dry bread
    Children and ill people got none

    My mother who was too ill to work
    She was locked up all day in
    A dark wooden shed with only
    Snakes for company

    My grandfather died there
    His feet sticking out of the frozen ground
    But the rest survived and here I am
    A witness to their story and
    Poland has got back its freedom back at last



  3. Small notes on freedom

    Flying out of the bog makes me feel physically free.
    Dancing not talking makes me feel free.
    I am free to walk around this room
    But dancing is not allowed in public.

    I like to be free to have my own mind
    But I am not an individualist.
    Having your own mind means don’t stay with a mind bully.
    Don’t look up to celebs, don’t think they’re better than you;
    And don’t follow Hitler.

    Jobcentre Plus doesn’t need to follow the government (if it means sanctions)
    Council doesn’t need to follow the government (if there are cuts in services)
    Unless they (and I mean the individuals) think it’s right, and moral.
    Do they think it’s right? We didn’t do much ethics at school.

    I am quite free, I am blessed, I can feel the wind and the rain.
    I can see the sparkle on the water.
    Fitting in with nature I am more free
    Than with society and other people’s beliefs.

    Get a job! Why haven’t you got a job?
    Fake it till you make it!
    Why haven’t you got a vehicle?
    Don’t you want to save money by changing your electricity supplier?

    The freest society I think would be where we share it out:
    The fun work, the hard work, the boring work;
    Share the care, pass the baby around;
    Join in the celebrations,
    And the old and the sick and the lonely will all be in the circle
    Watching the fire and smiling and singing and drumming and dancing.

    by Linda Henniker


  4. Freedom

    We carry only our bodies forward
    I follow the stars as we tread
    Through yet another valley
    Dusk brings with it a sharp coldness
    Compounded by a river crossing
    To dodge approaching headlights
    A familiar fall to the thorny ground
    We crawl on our elbows
    As the silhouette of a Landcruiser drifts off into the desert
    She reaches out for Adil
    There is nothing there



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